Monday, December 18, 2006

Two takes on "War on Christmas"

#1 I have found the "War on Christmas" to be a bit absurd 
notion. Why shouldn't people say "Merry Christmas" and 
say something like "Happy Holidays" instead? But then I 
realized this might be because of language barrier. In here 
"Christmas" is "joulu" and the word does not bear any 
christian notions, it comes from an old swedish word for 
pagan celebration of winter solstice "yule". I would be 
annoyed if somebody would wish happy birthday for 
some imagined saviour, but I guess I should be as annoyed 
to be wished happy 
But I'm not :P

#2 The true war on Christmas could be climate change. Looks like this will be the first Christmas I can remember (in about 20 years) when there will be no snow :(. We do have a fine dusting of snow on the ground now, but as weather forecast promises about +5 degrees of Celsius on friday, I doubt it could survive. This has made me to think what I could change in my own habits to lessen the effects. The answer is "a lot".

PS. I officially hate word-wrapping in Blogger :(


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